Packed Up.

Last night, I spent the first night in the hammock. Finally falling asleep after midnight, I realized just how damnably loud Portland is. I was almost asleep, just drifting into slumber when the upstairs neighbor took his dog out for one final dump of the night.

The dog, being normal to it’s nature decided to give a wet nosed sniff to what looked like a fat sausage pinata hung up for a bear in the backyard. When I popped my head out and gave a silent “hey” I’m not sure who jumped higher…the dog or his owner.

After all the running around town getting rid of the last of my crap (see my post )  it was still an uphill battle. I waited for the library to open today so I could weigh myself and the final load.

68 Pounds. Holy crap.

With a load like that, I’ll be lucky to get ten miles a day. Clearly, I’m going to have to MAKE some time today to sit down at a park somewhere, spread it all out, and try to reduce THAT total by at least another third.

That being said, I’ll be putting together tomorrow’s post today, to go online early in the AM. The WiFi on the trip looks spotty, so that might be one of those trends. For today…North or South?



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