A Journey Through Philadelphia

A funny thing happened on the way to the woods.

I woke Tuesday around 530, bent on a mission. It’s 8PM on Wednesday, and aside from a few times I almost fell over on the bus or train, I still haven’t been to sleep yet.

In advance, forgive me if this post is short.


A funny sign seen wandering through Philadelphia. I think Warren Zevon wanted me to go in and get a big dish of beef chow mien.


I ended up skipping Chi-Town altogether and grabbing a halfway decent Philly cheese steak.

IMG00013A long and short shot from Constitution Hall. Weird that it was closed due to the shutdown, as well as The Liberty Bell. I managed to grab a shot through the window, but it was useless. Open for business was the “Constitution Center” at $24.50 a pop. Since I’ve already gotten a good look at Portland’s copy of the Dunlap Broadside, I kept the money. Would have been nice to get inside, though. The “Philadelphia Mint” tour was ongoing, and they were minting pennies with wreckless abandon. So much for THAT part of the shutdown.

“The Spice Must Flow” said Muad-Dib.




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