Almost To The Trail

Another day of slogging local transportation options, this time AMTRAK to local and regional bus lines.Philadelphia to Harrisburg, then some wrangling North, and I’ll finally be on the trail.

Then the first thing I’ll have to do is come back towards town to cross a river. The weather report shows a tropical storm headed this direction, but not expected to hit until Sunday or Monday.

Shout out to the hostel that I stayed at last night,  the Philadelphia House which was good enough to put up with a drunkard who had been awake and on the go for about 35 hours.

I asked drinker/writer and Philly native Dan Dunn to toss me a couple of suggestions for places to to a quick topping off. “Hey Dan, is there a bar in Philly I can drop your name without getting punched in the head?”


He tried to send me to a bar named McGlinchy’s (which I now realize was his form of a prank) but I ended up settling for a place names Paddy’s.

Nice bar. You can smoke there. The bartender that was on duty when I got there was smokin’ as well.



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