What? No Beer?

Of note and interest. I’ve been dry as a bone since leaving Philly, somewhere around the 2nd of the month.

I didn’t set out to quit drinking, that was the furthest thing from my mind. I find myself now surrounded by drunks and SPICE addicts.

Sorry folks, no Gonzo here. I’ve far too much at risk at this point to screw it all up. After a few weeks, when I get my own place, then the shenanigans may continue. Till then, I’m on the wagon.

OK. I may make an exception when the Sox win the World Series in Game 4. That is worth a couple of quick shots.

Hat/Tip to Craig Conley, who shot me some bucks via Greendot. It’s still all FUBAR, but I’ll get it all figured out.

13 Hours on the books so far..headed into week 2! Plus, it looks like both the Snowbirds AND the Circus Folk have started to show up.

Yes, I can hear the jokes already, how you always knew I was Circus Folk.  Let the jokes fly!



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