Finding Serendipity

During Thanksgiving week, I wrote some pretty spiteful hateful shit. Thankfully, I’ve decided not to share it here.

Other than being bored with my life, I had no particular reason to leave Maine. I now find myself doing almost EXACTLY THE SAME JOB that I was doing five years ago. I live in a rooming house. The days consist of work early in the AM, and then off to the coffee shop or library for some writing time.

Nah, no difference there at all. I now can think of a thousand reasons I should have stayed, a few sticking damned near the top of that long list. There is someone I should have been there for, but wasn’t.

To be true, there is more opportunity here than there was in Maine. I’m working with a new drycleaning technology that only a handful of cleaners are using around the country (called GenX if you care to Google it). We’re the test bed, or the guinea pigs…depending on your perspective.

Truth is, my feet are still a bit itchy. As each day passes, you’d think the call of the road would get softer and softer. It doesn’t. Over the last week the sound rose to that of a metal show in a tightly boxed arena.

As much as things like zoning and building approval used to be a nightmare back home, some of that stuff is easy here. What IS a nightmare is your identity.

You wander in, looking for a job. You have adequate ID to purchase a gun, property, open a bank account, buy whiskey…but not to get a job.

State ID, preferably from Florida. Certified copy of your birth certificate. Your official Social Security card (which I last saw sometime in 1986 when joining the US Army.)  Without ALL of it, you are totally and completely fucked.

Want to GET a Florida ID or license? you SHOULD be able to present your state ID or license and get it swapped over, easy peasy.  You can’t…you STILL need all of the above shit.

You’d think even an expired passport, issued by the US State Department might be enough. That would at least prove that at one time, you presented all of those documents (and more) to satisfy Federal Authorities that you weren’t some tourist, terrorist, or Canadian.

   Guys, I don’t want to crash a plane into a fucking building. Voting would be nice. I just want to go to work, and not be a burden to society. Stop being asshats about it.





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