A Moment Of Stunning Beauty, Followed By Reality

Since relocating to Sarasota, I’ve had this on again off again love affair with going to the beach every weekend. I guess I just didn’t want to be the guy who went to Florida and never went to the beach.
Last weekend was difficult. The weather had not been cooperating, so noon on Sunday I took the plunge to go take a plunge.
Life is tricky sometimes. I had been in a funk lately, so the beach was what I needed. I waded waist deep out into the water, preparing to do the usual body-surfing toward the shore. Then, I noticed something.
A pod of dolphins, roughly 8-10 of them about 20 yeards in front of me. They were lazily surfacing and swimming about. No stupid tricks, just swimming around and showing the fins.
This went on for about fifteen minutes. There were a couple of other swimmers nearby, and we all stood there, watching the pod swim back and forth in front of us.
This wasn’t one of those “Pay us a hundred bucks to jump in the pool with our trained dolphins” kind of things. It was an honest to God wild experience.
A lesser man would lie and say that the dolphins swam near us. They weren’t the slightest bit inquisitive about any of us swimmers. They were just swimming around, and couldn’t give half a pickled shit whether there were humans around or not.
That kind of thing subtly lets you know your place in the universe. The bastards never even bothered to give a thanks for all the fish.
Later that evening, showering off the salt from the ocean, there was another discovery. The first grey pube.
On a Facebook post, I compared this to being the owner of a 1967 Dodge Dart. It isn’t much of a showcar, but years of being careful with it, I still have all the original equipment, with nary a scratch. Sometimes, I even get the chance to take it out for a spin.
This discovery was the equivalent of finding a big old rust spot on that classic.

Serendipity gives, and nature reminds.


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