The Wait Versus The Weight

For a brief bit, I’ve decided to return to Maine. Still working out the nagging details of getting a job up there BEFORE I head back. The fun bit is in front of me, knowing that there a potential Gonzo journey ahead ( a few weeks on a bicycle with a weedwhacker engine on it) from Sarasota back to the 207. Sarasota was good, just not the right fit. I’ve also found it difficult to get any writing done. Projects have languished unfinished with looming deadlines. One friend suggested I outline the idea for the trip back and start  a kick starter campaign to pay for the bike, motor, a go pro camera and possibly bail. Won’t work: They bounced too many of my projects already. A bail fund does sound like a good idea. After a few days on the road,I tend to get a bit lippy…not a good combo when wearing your house on your back and riding a bike of dubious legality.


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