So Round, So Firm, And Fully Packed

In a way, the above title is appropriate. Merle Travis used the words in a song full of advertising jingles (in this case, Lucky Strike Cigarettes) to make a point.

This blog never really had a point, just the meanderings of someone who had reached a stage and state in life when it was the right time to wander. For now, I have to put the itchy feet away for a bit.

Saturday (6/7/2014) I’ll be getting on a bus/plane combo headed back to Florida, full time employment and a future. A year ago, the future looked bleak at the most optimistic view. To see how that all turned around, you have to go back and look at some of the old postings on this blog.

I learned a lot, most notably that my friends were following the blog, looking out for me, and helping me along. I don’t want to dive too deep into the spiritual mumbo jumbo, but there were unseen forces at work. Call it luck, Karma, the concern of friends, or even the compassion of a stranger. In listening to the writers of the day, you’d think all of those things were something that doesn’t happen anymore.

You’d be wrong if you thought that…painfully wrong.

What made me start perusing the industry linked-in group discussion that I hadn’t even looked at in two years at the EXACT moment somebody on the other side of Florida was posting about the difficulties of finding someone with industry experience?

What made that woman who saw me hiking (and smiling, singing to myself) on the side of the road in Virginia decide I looked hungry (I wasn’t) and thirsty (wasn’t that either) on her way to pick up groceries…bought me a sandwhich, a pepsi, and picked me up to drop me off at a truckstop about ten miles down the road in Ruther Glen, VA.

Luck. Fate. Timing…and grace.

So here I am, with my bags all fully packed again, and with the grace of friends a couple of bucks in my pocket, bus ticket bought, and airfare arranged. How in the name of (fill in the Deity here) did I manage to become at least a respectable candidate for a job in less than nine months?

My old boss in Florida said I was a humble kind of guy…didn’t know me that well. That’s what he attributed it to.

I may be successful at this gig, I may not. It may be the springboard to bigger and better opportunities down the road, or may not. What the MOST important thing to pass on from what I learned on this trip is something I talked about a bit at the beginning of the journey.

Inner voice. Listen to it. If it tells you it’s time to move on, do so like a cat does…without ever looking back. I’ve had several friends that are now going through some rough stuff over the last year (divorces, addictions and such) and in every case that little voice told them a while back what to do.

They just stopped listening, mostly because the voice was inconvenient.

Embrace inconvenience and struggle. Find something to laugh about while doing it.

And most importantly, keep picking yourself up and putting your feet down.


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