Two Calls

Planning for the close to 2000 mile trip is tedious, but has to be done.

Yes, I realise that it’s only 1500+ miles between points, but there are several side trips I have to make. A good example is geolocating scooter shops along the way.IMG00043

Makes for some good beach time anyway.

This morning while clicking away, I received TWO phone calls at the same time. One was for a job here in Pompano Beach, the other for a job I applied for in Tampa over a month ago.

Chatting with that GM was fun. Turns out his latest hire before me was somebody I know from Tartan Textiles, and the reference came from another old business contact.

Small world. Guess my name gets around.

On the trip itself, the options are split. A couple of routes over to Sarasota, then up to Tampa, then to Jacksonville for visits. Stops in Ruther Glenn VA and DC, as well as Petersburg PA and Duncannon PA.

What good is ghosting if you don’t revisit to haunt? Yes twins Kim and Laurie…Providence is on the list too, if I can wing it.

The decision to return came swiftly. Though when I first left I had multiple months of planning, this segment of the adventure has come together in about 12 days. I found myself growing grouchier (is that even possible?) over the last year or so and finally put my finger on why.

I never really left. When a cat walks away, it never looks back. I did so, repeatedly.

A couple of possible gig lined up, but nothing definite.

I think back to the original point of leaving. If you’re miserable, you have not only permission but an OBLIGATION to shuffle your feet. You can start over anywhere.

Provided you’re willing to give up security.

That’s the problem. As a nation of individuals, we’ve grown fearsome of sacrificing our security. We NEED to know we’re going to make a little more next year than we did this one, that the car is going to start in the morning, and that a politician is.goimg to say something stupid today as well as tomorrow.

Change is bad. It’s been drilled into us daily. Change equals fear and uncertainty. Change means you will always have less than you had twenty minutes ago.

If you know you’re an asshole and fear change, you have to be comfortable with always being an asshole.

I’m moving not to change it. Being an asshole has served me well.

I’m moving to perfect the art.



May have lost my job. May have quit my job. Waiting to find out.

Actually, not waiting. Found a gig at a competitor across town, dropped a resume, chatted with the chief engineer. Said my name rang a bell.

That could be good OR bad.

Found a posting for a job back in Maine. Tossed a resume at it, worked the social network connection (“Hey, X…remember when you asked me to look you up when I get back to Maine? I notice your company has a posting…the one we discussed.”)

A week, maybe two more here. Obviously I have to side trip to Tampa to visit someone before I shake Florida loose. And Sarasota. And Jacksonville.

Wondering if the scooter will survive the trip North. Wondering if I will.

Somewhere along the line it became acceptable to exchange being miserable for being comfortable. Hell, that’s almost like marriage.

Once, I told a manager “It’s a big beautiful world out there, cupcake…go discover it.”

Physician, heal thyself.