May have lost my job. May have quit my job. Waiting to find out.

Actually, not waiting. Found a gig at a competitor across town, dropped a resume, chatted with the chief engineer. Said my name rang a bell.

That could be good OR bad.

Found a posting for a job back in Maine. Tossed a resume at it, worked the social network connection (“Hey, X…remember when you asked me to look you up when I get back to Maine? I notice your company has a posting…the one we discussed.”)

A week, maybe two more here. Obviously I have to side trip to Tampa to visit someone before I shake Florida loose. And Sarasota. And Jacksonville.

Wondering if the scooter will survive the trip North. Wondering if I will.

Somewhere along the line it became acceptable to exchange being miserable for being comfortable. Hell, that’s almost like marriage.

Once, I told a manager “It’s a big beautiful world out there, cupcake…go discover it.”

Physician, heal thyself.


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