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Clearly, followers of this road blog need to get out more! This is entertainment?

Decided to crash in Jacksonville. Caught up with a few folks and missed a few. (Sorry Bev and Evelyn)

A few adult beverages, and a long shower. Another lined up after the first seventy miles tomorrow.

Damn. I’m going to be the cleanest smelling hobo in history.

Considered ditching the laptop for weight. It’s older than dirt, and hardly works anymore. Unfortunately, it has a ton of recoverable stuff on it, including a fairly large collection of midget clown porn for my friend Michelle from the cleaner.

She’s odd like that.

I guess I’ve not only been collecting fun experiences…but collecting fun individuals as well.

Thankfully, they’ve all had sufficient preventable shots.

Well. Maybe not WW.

CONSIDERING ditching some tools as well. Look, I’m pushing hard at 260 again. Now add my pack (50lbs) and then add the ditch bag(30 lbs of unreplaceable paperwork and assorted crap needed.to rebuild tour.life if big bag goes missing) and THEN toss in a good 25-30 pounds of heavy steel.

That’s 370 pounds. Scooter was designed for a maximum weight 180 pound rider.

You can almost hear the Pistons scream “OOOOIIIILLLLLLL CANNNNNNN!”

Over time I suppose I should contact the Wolf Scooter People. Maybe they’d sponsor this endurance rally to see who gives up first, me or their GY6 engine.


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