Laundry 24 Hours

Very Rocky start.

Got barely a mile from the house (then three, five, seventeen and twenty two) when stuff started falling off my pack, namingly my sleeping gear.

Stop. Reorganize. Re-tie. Repeat.

Did fairly well till I hit north of West Palm. Then the skies opened up with a vigor. Didn’t get to stop and see old army buddy Dave. Sorry Dave. It was still work hours.

Boo…why didn’t you tell me route 1 was all uphill from North Palm to Stewart? Ugh.

Somewhere north of there, I actually did find a street named “Easy Street.”

Damnit..been looking for that for AGES.

Rains finally forced me off the road repeatedly. As I type this, I’m in a twenty-four hours laundry in Port St. John.

Making crappy time. About 160 miles into what I hoped would be 300.

So wet, had to stop at a Flying J to get coffee. It was there I noticed I’d picked up a severe case of the shakes.

Cold. Wet. Uncontrollable shaking. Leave it to me to get hypothermia in flippin’ Florida.

Drastically slowed down to eat and warm up, hence the laundry. I was planning on hitting a campsite up the road and bedding down…but a quick check of the forecast shows rain beginning in twenty minutes…and lasting a few hours.

Once I get north of Orlando/Datona, the hotels get reasonable again…but $80/ a night for an America’s Best cockroach and bedbug hotel is absurd.

Slog and drive…slog and drive.



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