Pushed thru the rain bit by bit. Just before 5am in Mims Fl, the first real shaker of the trip.

Going DOWNHILL and lost all compression on engine three times for about 10 seconds each. Stopped to cool off, got an hour restless sleep. Checked oil.. Zippo. For roughly 200 miles it lost half a quart.

Got back on the road about 7. Frequent stops to cool off the engine. 96 miles in four hours. Better, but still sucky.

Need sleep. Got about an hour in the last 30. Additional scoring follows:

Approx 1/2 pint of blood to the mosqitos.

Sleeping bag cover. Bag dis attached itself again, and got run over several times before I got to it.

Approx 8% of my remaining sanity. Route 1 is going to take me way too far inland for comfort.

Shortish nap, then maybe a push to Jacksonville.


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