Gone, Gone Gone.

That prophetic feeling of doom wasn’t that far off.

I’ve written before about the “Jacksonville Surprise” sidewalks that suddenly end with an 8 inch curbstone drop to the pavement.

Now, add road dips that have their own individual area code. I hit a few on the way in and the way out.

Yup. That tailbone was kickin’ it. I could do stretches of three to five miles before intractable pain made me pull over. Now add in the engine issues.

This morning, it took me twenty minutes just to get the engine to start and stay running.

Before it broke down leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere, it was time to pull the plug.

I figured a pawnshop would do at BEST $200 for it. Enough to pay for a bus ticket home, and lunch.

Paid for the ticket. was hanging out front of the J smoking a butt, talking to one of the drivers. He heard me tell the incredulous story, and called buddy over. “Listen to this shit!”

We were all having a grand old time laughing at my stupidity (yes, self included) when a tiny old Jamaican driver came out, and caught the end of the story.

“You want $200 for that bike? Sold.”

Back and forth for a bit, and he was happy and I was two Benjamins up.

Now the sucky part. Sunday bus had already left. Monday bus is sold out. I got the last ticket for Tuesday 1030am.

This is the road equivalent of what AT thruhikers call trail magic.

So 36 hours to kill, bivvy up and hit the woods.

Yeah, ditching the scooter sucks. I needed it when I get to Portland…but there is no way on Earth it was going to make it.

On the bright side, at least I won’t be a splat on the road, which was a distinct possibility. On route 17 coming into Georgia, folks were passing me doing 70 with a few inches of distance between us. Home of NASCAR.

LOVE the bikers in Georgia though. I had at least half a dozen of them pull over to see if I was ok when pulled over to stand or stretch or cool the engine.

Also, they wave. A lot.

It’s a little thing, a biker salute. I used to see it in Maine a lot. It’s the as the morning head nod.

Not once in Florida…not a single time.

Yes, the journey CAN be done. It would take a lot more prep than I put into it. You can’t scooter down the road with your house on your back. Not safely anyway.

Look for me at the clubhouse around Friday.


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