Returning From Exile

Spent a few days wandering the streets of Portland, catching up with old friends, surveying the changes in my 3 1/2 year hiatus, and generally getting back to my old habits of being a nuisance.

An odd thing has happened. When I left, I still had a blog over at Bangor Daily News ( ) and an open invitation to print just about anything over at The Bollard. The Portland Phoenix also occasionally published my ruminations and musings.

Now? Well, that changed as well. Furtuve knocks at the publishing doors of the city are being met with the warm welcome reserved for this passing out religious tracts and those giving away free syphilis.

I blame Al Diamon, really. He’s had far too much fun while I was away.

Never did pull off the practical joke I wanted to before leaving Florida. It involved spending two days gathering anole lizards, finding the address for Paul LePage’s house down there, putting that address on the return and mailing the Baboon in the Blaine House a few thousand new friends.

Likely, I would have been caught anyway. It had all the hallmarks of my old “Loki, epic shit disturber” habit.

Job scene is similar. Of the three majors I’ve applied for (one of which had an open invite for whenever I got back) I’ve gotten that similar “ohfuckhesherequickturnthelightsoff” response.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve obviously had a minor stroke at some point, droopy eye and all.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m sitting at the library across from somebody I once played the horizontal hokey-pokey with, and we are both studiously trying not to recognize one another.

Portland has changed a bit.

Time to get it all shook up again.


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